Manual transmission noise

my car makes a high chatter sound when i shift from neutral to either first or reverse but no other time. what does that mean? should i stop driving it until i can get it looked at? it’s not slipping or grinding at all, just makes a noise as i let the clutch out and engage the gear.

With the little info you give, I’m suspect of the clutch more than the transmission. What is the year, and miles on the odometer of the car?

Chattering on engagement is either a worn clutch plate. and/or warped flywheel. Bad throw out bearing, and/or bad clutch springs can also chatter. I suspect you are due for a new clutch, but you need a mechanic to evaluate this for you.

it’s a 2000 subaru outback with 150k miles. would it be a huge mistake to continue to drive it for a day or two before getting it checked out?

A month or two maybe. A day or two shouldn’t be a problem.

OK for a few days. It is similar to brake pads, when worn out pads can score and damage the rotors.

A completely shot clutch plate will cause excess wear on the pressure plate and flywheel. The pressure plate is likely going to need replacing anyway, but a damaged flywheel is an expensive fix. Pushing it too long as it is will mean a more expensive repair.

With the age and miles on your Subaru it adds evidence to support a worn out clutch diagnosis.