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Manual car thunk and louder sounding

I drive a 2013 honda civic manual transmission.

On my way to work tonight, I got off the hwy and was stopped at a light in the off ramp. When I went to go into first gear I was letting out the clutch and applying the gas and I heard a thunk noise, right after this my car seemed to be sounding much louder. As if I was revving it loud or had an exhaust leak is how I’d explain the sound. The gages on the dash don’t show it revving high however.

I had to stop at a few more light before I got to work and it never made the thunk again but continued to sound louder than usual. I’m not sure what this could be and am concerned to drive home now when I get finished as I commute 1 1/2 hours of highway driving.

What could this be?

It does seem like an exhaust fitting has come loose, thus the loudness. The thunk may have been an exhaust component bumping against the floorboard. There is a hazard of carbon monoxide getting into the cabin, probably a small hazard, but the car needs to be raised up and the exhaust system examined.

In the mean time be sure to let fresh air in through windows opened at least a little bit and if you get any dizziness or headache, stop driving and get out and get some fresh air.

Good luck and please let us know how this gets resolved.

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