Manifold leak

I have an upper and lower manifold leak in my 2001 Chevy Malibu. I recently found out that my engine is notorious for getting those. I have not noticed lower levels of my fluids, but I will be driving for 9 hours to visit my family. Basically I would like to know if I should get this fixed or let it ride out and wait until I notice a change in my fluid levels.

I’d get it fixed or rent a car for the trip. While it may be fine if you monitor your fluids and warning lights, why drive 9 hours with this worry on your mind?

When my regular mechanic diagnosed an intake gasket leak on my 2000 Blazer, he suggested to get it to a dealer and have it fixed immediately. He explained the coolant would displace the oil from the main/crankshaft bearings ruining the engine. I had the repair done 4 years ago and the truck is running fine.

Personally, I would not drive 9 hours with a leaky intake gasket. Do you pay ~$500 for the gasket or a couple of thousand for a new motor.

There was a class action suit for Dexcool, the repairs may be covered under the settlement. Check this website or your local GM dealer for more info.

Good luck,

Ed B.