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Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP Sensor Code 2000 Buick LeSabre but Running fine

Purchased this car to resell and make some money on. It runs and drives great but the service engine soon light is on and buyers get worried about those. So took it to Autozone who scanned it for a MAP code. We sprayed carb cleaner on all vacuum lines but didn’t find any leaks. The car has 165K miles and has had the catalytic converter removed as it was stolen and has a straight pipe in there now. Have wondered if that being missing would affect it or not. I read that, " A bad fuel pump or faulty exhaust gas re-circulation valve can also cause MAP sensors to send out incorrect readings. Wondering what I should do or if there is a way I can test those things myself without taking it to a shop and burning through all of my profits.
Thanks so much for any help!

What is the warm idle intake manifold vacuum measurement? Does it hold steady to within ±1 inch Hg, or is it wildly moving around?

You do realize that if the catalytic converter is missing, it’ll cause the Service Engine Soon light to come on?



You probably have more than one fault code . . .

There are 3 possibilities for the MAP code . . . P0102, P0103, and P0107 . . . I’m not sure which one you have, though

As for the missing catalytic converter, I can almost guarantee you also have P0420, which is a catalytic converter low efficiency code. This WILL turn on the check engine light

Even if you fix whatever issue is causing the map code, the check engine light will stay on, because of the missing cat.

UNLESS somebody figured out a way to trick the pcm into thinking everything is okay. Which I highly doubt

There’s a good chance the map sensor itself is skewed . . . faulty . . . but it’s your money and your risk. Personally, I’d do a little testing first.

Do you live in a state which does not have smog inspections?

If you live in a state which does have smog inspections, you might be opening up a can of worms selling a car which you know is currently unable to pass the smog inspection, especially if it’s due to tampering, and you’re aware of it. Best check out the regulations


I’m not going to touch this. I believe it is a federal requirement to have the cat in place so I don’t think the car can even be sold. I mean holy smokes, when I put a new cat on my Buick, I had to even register it if memory serves. Back in the old days you could buy a “test pipe” but not anymore.

Might be a legal problem as well. It’s not nice to modify emissions controls.
Right, Tester?

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i have a 2003 buick lesaber and i have a bunch of codes that came up po102/po107/po122/po463/po650/p1107/p1122 ive replace the map , tp, idle airvalve, pcv valve im hoping it isnt the emc

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