Malfunctioning oil gauge on 2000 Explorer Sport

Does anyone have experience with an oil gauge that doesn’t register any pressure until a mile or two before it snaps up to a mid gauge reading? This truck has other “computer related issues” so I don’t know if it is that or a weak oil pump. Is this an alarming symptom or a fluke?

Probably the sensor. A cheap fix.

A lot of Fords (don’t know if your Explorer falls under this) use a ‘fake’ oil pressure sensor that is basically the same one that operates the idiot light in cars without a gauge. These Fords either read no oil pressure if the sensor is reading low, or mid-range on the gauge if it’s reading some pressure. So the gauge is pretty much useless for an accurate assessment of how much oil pressure you have. Not a wonderful design in my opinion. I think you may have a gummed up sensor that’s sticking and only reading any pressure when it warms up a little. I’d replace the sensor (and maybe you can get one that actually reads pressure and not just on or off), and if you’re worried, have the oil pressure checked with a mechanical gauge to see what’s really going on.