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Oil pressure

95 ford f150 5.0 looses oil pressure after warm up i have replaced the oil pump. oil pressure doesnt fall slowly like bearings it drops like unpluging sending unit.any ideas?

The oil presure gauge on many Fords was really no more indicative of oil pressure than the idiot light. The sender merely grounded the circuit from the “gauge” through a resister calibrated to register NORMAL when pressure was about 10psi. Check your sender. Is it on-off or analog? You might install a REAL oil pressure gauge and see what you find.

Get a mechanical gauge, and confirm the oil pressure. It could be an electrical problem with the sending unit and gauge.

BTW, Ford never put real oil pressure gauges in these trucks, but dummy gauges. The gauges are really like an on-off switch, where on is the middle of the ‘gauge’ and off is the needle dropping to zero. The sending unit is either on for pressures above 6-8 psi, or off.

the problem is with motor when the oil pressure gauge drops i start getting lifter noise. which tells me its not just sending unit problems.

If you get lifter noise, then it is oil pressure problems. If you replaced the oil pump, then your problems may require the removal and disassembly of the engine to find the problem.

Check the pickup screen before you tear the engine apart.