Makes me wonder... (EDITED, and now the video plays!)

…how this person ever qualified for a driver’s license…

Yep…the video doesn’t play.

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video does not exist

In Florida they use the butterfly answer sheet. Then you buy a ten pack of Cracker Jack. One in ten boxes contains a driver’s license.

They got their license the year that the state was accepting six ballot chads for a license…hanging chads didn’t count.


Give it a try now, guys.
I think that you will be able to view this…amazing…display of driving skill.

Excellent…music. LOL

She probably won’t be able to get out of that parking space…

Maybe she bribed the dmv to get the driver’s license . . .

I’d hate to think her country’s dmv normally allows an idiot like her to pass


WOW. and it takes even less for a concealed gun carry permit I would think.

I don’t think concealed carry is allowed in Australia.

At least shes not from this country. In Minnesota you have to back into about a 10 foot wide alley from the road to pass your test.

Just when one thinks standards can’t be any lower someone manages to prove the theory wrong.

Whoever is behind the wheel of that car has no business being on any public roadway and I would imagine there were some choice words being uttered by other people held up by this snag.

Considering the car looks pretty good,and considering her obvious lack of driving skills . . . it may be safe to say she just bought the car


I wonder if the salesman who went along on a test drive is still in therapy…

Thanks for fixing the video.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the poor kid. That has got to be frustrating and embarrassing. For someone with absolutely no sense of spacial relationships and no sense of geometry, parking isn’t as intuitive as I often assume it is. This may be a very decent young lady who just cannot park. She deserves our sympathy rather than our criticism.

I can guarantee you that I look every bit as clueless doing some tasks as she looks parking. I won’t tell you what they are to avoid embarrassment.

Back in the early 70s an elderly gentleman attempting to parallel park downtown got his feet crossed up and kept shifting between reverse and drive after inadvertently flooring the gas and ramming the car behind him. He never took his foot off the gas the entire time.

He wrecked his car, took hunks off of the high curb, and also took out half a dozen parking meters and half a dozen cars after jumping the curb. How he managed to jump that high curb I will never understand.

What was amazing was that no one was injured as the area where it happened is usually a very high foot traffic area with a large number of people entering and exiting a large office supply store which is situated there. Sheer luck. The old man had a few minor bumps but that was it.

This person should not be driving a car. How she got a driver’s license…if she has one…is a mystery for the ages.

While I am empathetic with somebody who is deficient in certain skills (God knows we all have deficiencies in one area or another!), at least I don’t endanger anybody else’s life with the skills in which I am deficient.

The person shown in that video clearly doesn’t even recognize the relationship of the steering wheel to the direction that the car is turning, and that DOES present a danger to others.

Just imagine being a pedestrian in the vicinity of this person’s car!