Major oil leak... help!


I had a big leak like that twice, on a VW, at widely separate times. First was an oil pressure sending unit for the pressure gage. Indy garage replaced it for $2xx dollars, and much later when I realized it’s just an unscrew leaker, screw in new cheap sending unit, I felt a tiny bit gouged. Next I fixed myself. It was a big O-ring seal between an oil cooler and the block. That one was a horrible job because of extremely difficult access. The big O-ring was just hardened with age and couldn’t comply with the heating and cooling expansion. With this oil coming from between engine and transmission, I’d check whether the source could be something (like a sending unit) above the transmission on the engine head. That’s my only reason for reply.


I was thinking that as a possibility to consider too, but the 2015 nox doesn’t seem to use an oil cooler in either its 4 banger or 6 banger engine configuration. From what I see the oil filter configuration is a little finicky about how it is installed and the filter element quality, so OP’s shop should take another look in that area. I wouldn’t be throwing in the towel on this one yet.


This car wouldn’t happen to have an oil filter adapter gasket would it? Just wondering…

I recently had to change mine out… thing would leak bad when the car was running.


Check it once a week instead…even with an OLM, you’re responsible for making sure the oil level is properly maintained.


Common causes are degraded engine gaskets, oil pan damage / leaks, oil seals becoming worn out or bad connections. You can check these by looking underneath the car and visibly inspecting the oil pan seals, and the oil pan drain plug. It’s also a good idea to make sure your oil filter isn’t loose or misaligned after many miles on the road. One last thing is make sure the timing cover seal and valve cover gaskets are in working order, and if anything stands out its time to move on to engine oil leak repair.


Actually, it’s already time to move on to leak repair.


If you would have read the post’s in this thread, you would know those have already been checked.