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Major coolant leak

I have an '88 Camry with 200k on a 2.0L (4cyl) engine. The other day after parking it I noticed coolant leaking from it and what appeared to be oil leaking from a different location. I have not gotten under it yet. The oil leaking seems to be from the upper part of the engine, but it still idles smoothly and has normal power, so I am hesitant to think it is the head gasket. The coolant resorvoir is empty, and when I took the cap off of the radiator, there is no fluid visible. Is there anything I should be looking for when I get under it? Thanks!

The oil leak may be from the valve cover gasket. Nothing major to replace. For the coolant leak, check the lower front of the engine at the timing belt cover. If coolant is leaking from behind the timing belt cover the water pump is leaking and requires replacing along with the timing belt.


First thing is to add coolant to full level, then make sure the ground is clean , have the car idle for few min, go under and see where it is leaking coming from maybe hoses or radiator or pump like Tester mentioned. There are other areas that needed to trace to where it leaks.


You didn’t mention anything about the motor overheating recently, if it has you may be looking a something pretty major. Hopefully the oil leak and coolant leak are unrelated to each other. If the car is in pretty good shape you may consider having it towed to a good shop and get it properly evaluated just to be safe. If a shop is only a short drive away, add some coolant and drive it to the shop. Until you know what is going on consider the car “out of service”.