I leave my car in Florida all summer

Is there anything special I should do ? Should the gas tank be full or as low as possible or does it matter ? Thnks for any advice.

The gas tank should be full, to avoid condensation build up in the tank. Make sure the air pressure in the tires is where it should be and that is about all you can do.

Park it inside or under a carport, preferably away from salt water spray. Fill the tank with premium gas and add stabilizer. Check all fluids, if the oil needs changing do so now. Wash the car and wax it. If stored inside a garage, crack one window open a small amount to let fresh air ciurculate. If parked outside, keep the windown shut. Most of us do not recommend car covers; they trap humidity and will speed up corrosion. And a buffeting wind will scratch the paint.

I would cover the engine air intake with a showercap, and stuff some steel wool in the tailpipe, to keep out any rodents.

You can either take the battery out and store it in a cool, dry plce, or leave it in the car and put it on a battery tender.

I would add a few more pounds of air to the tires; inflate to 3-4 punds over normal.

Not much else; the most important thing is to keep it awya from sea water spray, and don’t park under a tree…

Overinflate the tires a bit (3-4 psi). Disconnect the negative terminal on your batter only. Don’t bother removing it.

Fill the tank up full. A summer is not that long for a car to sit.