Magic door locks

I have a 2000 Subaru Impreza, and every now and then (more like all the time lately), I will be driving along and the locks will lock and un-lock by themselves. I do not even had a key fob, so it is like a genie is (or demon) is doing this. At the same time the locks act up, the dome light will flash. Any suggestions as to where to start to look? It is getting cold and I like to warm my car up in the morning and the car will lock itself while it is idling in the yard. so it happens even when it is standing still

Electric gremlins like this are hard to track down. The simplest thing to do is to disconnect the power locks for the time being. I don’t know how the fuses are set-up on this car, but maybe as simple as pulling the fuse that powers the door locks. That would be easier than pulling the dorr panels and unplugging the door lock solenoid.

It sounds to me like your door switch that senses when your door is closed is either out of adjustment or going bad. I know some cars lock all the doors when the car is going more than a few miles per hour, and also unlock all the doors when the driver’s door is opened. So, you are driving more than a few miles per hour, the car locks the doors, the switch loses contact and it unlocks them all, then it makes contact again and all the doors lock. Probably due to bumps in the road.

Did the 2000 Subaru come with a remote when it was NEW?

The car had a remote fob when it was new, but it quick working. I thought the battery was dead in the fob, so it is in the drawer in the house

Dig it back out and using the owners manual, check the section on programming different ‘door locking codes’.

The remote may or may not work, depending on the state of the original battery.

You MAY have to reprogram the remote after replacing the battery.

**Note: if this is the ONLY remote for this vehicle, you may have to have the dealer program the remote now.

Only when you have one remote already programmed are you able to program another yourself.