Maf sensor cleaned right?

ok so i cleaned the maf sensor with crc maf sensor cleaning can.i waited about 15 minutes for it to dry.put everyhing back in the car and closed the hood.waited about 30 minutes meanwhile i cut my dog’s hair lol.ok i start the car for 20 secs and everything seems fine.10 minutes later brother is about to take the car to car starts shaking.shaking gets worst when in reverse.also before the cleaning the check engine light was on.after the cleaning it guys think i screwed up the maf sensor?

2005 pontiac vibe.base model

Why did you clean the MAF sensor? If you cleaned it because of a fault then it may just be a bad MAF sensor. You may not need a cleaned one…you may just need a new one.

It might just need to be driven a few miles for the computer to get used to the clean MAF sensor.

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wow fast replies hehe.anyways well i just read on another forum that if i clean i would see difference in smoothness and slightly more mpgs.i guess if it aint broke dont fix.anyways if i drive it with the car shaking it cant damage the engine can it?

Make sure you didn’t damage any wiring or leave a connector loose, but the shaking should not do any damage, but it does depend on what is causing the shaking. In your case, since you didn’t do anything except clean the sensor, I think it will be safe to drive for a few minutes. If it doesn’t go away, then you need to get it looked at.

When you have a check engine light, you need to pull the codes and find out what is causing it, don’t just start guessing at stuff. If you want some help, post the actual code number here and we can help. You can usually get your code read for free at many autoparts stores. Even if the light goes out, the code should remain for at least three drive cycles, unless you disconnected the battery.

BTW, if you disconnected the battery, it is normal for the engine to run rough for a few minutes after starting because you have erased all the fuel and timing parameters that the computer has learned for the engine. It has to relearn them.

Well, you /can/ damage the car but only if you run it into a tree. Like Keith said, it should be fine. Give it the old ‘Italian tune-up’ for a couple of miles.

Whew! I thought i screwed it up.i drove it about 100 feet to stop just turned off.i reversed it back to my house.turned it off then on.waited a couple of minutes and it slowly went back to normal.drove it around the far so good.lets see how it goes.thanks to all.:slight_smile: