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03 Hyundai santafe maintenance

I used some mass airflow sensor cleaner yesterday. My Hyundai santafe check engine light came on but it was running fine. Tried to drive it this morning and it was missing bad and kept shutting off. It would cut back on, once in drive and move a few yards it shut right back off. I cleaned the sensor BC my truck kept idling up high and shutting of when coming to a complete stop. It seem like it was flooding itself, kept smelling fuel when I would try to start back up. Knew it had to be fuel regulator or air flow sensor. So I decided to clean air flow sensor before buying parts. Now after cleaning truck is worst but at least it will start right up. Unlike at first when I would have to wait 15 mins when it shut off. Plz any help

I would have taken the car to Autozone or advanced auto parts and have the code read. Without the code it will be a crapshoot guessing what the problem might be.

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I couldn’t because the check Engine light wasn’t on. Plus auto zone was the
one who told me to try the cleaner first. BC they and believe it was the
fuel regulator or the mass airflow sensor. I believe now the airflow sensor
has gone out since I used the spray esp if it was already going out. Bc now
the truck is worst than before. Could the cleaner have screwed it or does
it mean it was on its way out anyway?

How did you clean this thing? Did you remove it and have it in your hands when you sprayed the wire inside?

Are you saying the engine check light has gone off for good, although the car does not run properly?

Even if the CEL has gone off, there should still be stored codes.
I too wondered how you cleaned the MAF sensor. If you sprayed it while hot, you may have killed it by thermalshocking the heating element.

Honestly, since cleaning the MAF sensor was the act whereinafter the operating problems started, I think a bad MAF sensor is a really good probability. Granted, a MAF sensor is expensive
but you might want to prepare yourself to have to purchase one.

Actually my old man did it. The check engine light wasn’t on until after he
cleaned the thing. He said he took the part off and sprayed it and let it
dry before placing it back. After he drove it around it was running okay.
It hesitated a Lil and stop but started right back and it drove fine. The
check engine light was on though. Tried to start it this morning and drive,
went ape Sh*t.

Yes I was thinking that too. It was cooled by time we sprayed it so I
honestly believe it was on its way out anyway. Thanks

There are ways to test a MAF sensor with a multi-meter. Ask your “old man” to Google for directions. Search for the technical terms “MAF sensor gone ape sh*t and how to test”. :slight_smile: Takes too long to explain here

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