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MAF Sensor 2001 Nissan Sentra

I have a 2001 Nissan sentra which will barely idle and will reluctantly drive and not go over 2500 rpm. It has been diagnosed through the scanner (codes) with needing a MAF sensor. I am just wondering if anyone has any related info regarding this problem??? There seems to be a history of this situation after doing some quick searches.

You might try to clean the MAF sensor with some sensor safe cleaner. I used brake clean the last time I cleaned one of mine, it fixed my problem, (CEL), however I don’t think it is probably “sensor safe”. Cleaning is a lot cheaper than replacing the sensor, and oftentimes works.

Thanks we did try cleaning it and still get the same problem.

So much for that idea, (cleaning). Ok then. Many times when you cannot rev the engine very high, it is a clogged cat. I don’t honestly know if a bad MAF sensor will limit the RPM? It might, I just don’t know. Someone else might come on and answer that question. If you recently had a dead hole, where a cylinder wasn’t firing, I’d suspect a plugged cat. Otherwise, maybe bad MaF?

ok so back again I am - Changed MAF reset code 100 - instantly trips same code and car will idle fine but will hesitate and bog above 2000 rpm… any other ideas???I would greatly appreciate it…