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2001 Nissan Sentra Headaches

To start off I have replaced the MAF sensor in this car 3 times now, and have all new oxygen sensors and a new fuel pump. The most recent MAF sensor I have put in the vehichle was 2 months ago and I did it because The car would die while idling, however the mass air flow code did not show up on the cars diagnostic trouble codes. Yet this did solve the problem. The previous MAF sensor had been installed a year ago and failed on me, thank goodness it was under warrantee. Now that I have installed this newest MAF sensor the car has been running fine until last month. Since then It runs especially rough at idle and has a tendency to die when sitting for more than a minute in idle. This problem is on and off however, it can run fine one day and as soon as i start it up the next day the problem will reoccur. Now I am getting the DTC for the throttle position sensor, evaporative emmission control valve, and throttle position sensor. And more recently, today the problem occurred again, the first time in a week, and now I am getting gray smoke out of the tailpipe. I would like to know if I should again, try to replace the MAF sensor, or if there is some other problem that the Sentra is prone to that I am unaware of. I am very frustrated with this vehichle and would love any pointers. Thank you for any tips.

Scarecrow_4110, Those Sentra “Headaches” Could Be Caused A Brain (ECM) Tumor Or Problems With The Central Nervous System (Sensors).

Some 276,000 2000 - 2003 Sentras equipped with the 1.8L or 2.5L engines have had recalls (Voluntary Recall Campaigns) for the engine’s ECM (engine control module) case because the case could be allowing foam contamination of the ECM.

Some 572,000 2000 - 2003 Nissan models were recalled for engine sensors (crankshaft position, camshaft position, variable timing).

Recalls usually are the result of vehicles that are unsafe to drive and these recalls are because of driveabilty problems.

I’d check with a Nissan dealer to see if this vehicle has any “open” recalls. Have your VIN (vehicle I.D. number) handy.