"Luke's Link" aftermarket ball and socket rebuild


I would like some input on a product that I was just told about for my 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4. I just recently had to replace my Trac-bar for the millionth time since 1997 and am getting fed up with spending big bucks to have it replaced yearly. This product called “Luke’s Link” is an “aftermarket suspension product that rebuilds the ball and socket end of a Dodge 4x4.” Take a look at this website and tell me if this sounds like it would do me some good as far as pro-longing the life of my trac-bar. Any other input would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



any input?


Well, I don’t know the cost of the kit but if it’s less than 2x the cost of an OEM part, it’s probably worth trying. I like the idea of being able to adjust it and replace the wear parts without replacing the entire bar. There are plenty of examples of weak OEM parts that have been made better by aftermarket companies so it’s not hard to believe they have done the same. Good luck!


If I remember correctly the cost of a brand new track-bar is about $125 brand new with a 1 year warranty. I don’t know exactly because it’s been a couple years since ive had to buy one of these due to it wearing out before the warranty ran out. The cost of this part is about $66 I think it said. It’s somewhere around there.


Looks okay to me and much resembles a pitman arm rebuild kit.

I do have a couple of reservations though, how effectively it can keep grit and road dirt out of that joint, if it can’t it will wear pretty rapidly ~ particularly that nylon seat…

The second thing is you have to re-use the original stud, for $60 dollars I’d expect the stud to be included.


It looks to me, from the picture, that the bar fits pretty snug inside the link, keeping dirt and stuff out. The guy that told me about this product actually brought his 1 ton cummins over to me today and showed me the product. He has had his on since 2001 and has never had to replace a track-bar or tie-rod end.