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Lug nuts

I recently saw a 1st gen Ford Mustang '64 1/2 or '65. It was still original and had only four lug nuts per wheel. A fellow gearhead says they NEVER made Mustangs with only four lug nuts until the intro of the Mustang II. Please help me prove him wrong. I say that a select few were made that way because they were made on the Ford Falcon chassis. Thx.

Quite posible; in the 60s every effort was made to cut cost on the small cars to make them competitive. The Mustang was a re-skinned Ford Falcon, a car which even had the gas tank (an open top pan)directly attached to the trunk floor without a TOP!

When equipped with a 6 cylinder engine the 4 lug wheels were used. The V-8s had 5 lugs. And the Mustang was very much a Falcon clone.

According to Tirerack they did indeed make 64 Mustangs with 4-lug patterns.

Yes, some first generation Mustangs did have only 4 lug nuts per wheel. I had a student who worked for me who had a wheel come off a Mustang, fortunately while she was driving around town. It only had 4 lug nuts.

I owned a Ford Maverick Grabber at one time. It only had 4 lug nuts per wheel.

I remember changing tires on many Mustangs of that vintage with only four lug nuts.

Yes they came with 4 lugs. My cousin has an original 65’ Mustang in his garage with 4 lug wheels. It has a straight 6 engine. It’s currently undergoing a frame-off restoration and he is keeping the wheels original.

The 6 cylinder cars probably came with 6:50X13 tires mounted on 4-lug wheels…The 6 cylinder models were very different than the V8 powered cars. Brakes, steering, front end parts, rear end parts completely different…

What you need to watch out for are those Mustangs with 4 lug wheels and V8s. Those are conversions that were done on the cheap.