Lower tire pressure in one tire

I have a 2019 Ford Explorer and my back right tire is at 33 psi, the other 3 are 38-40. Is this cause for concern? This back right tire did have a gauge mark in it about a week after I bought it, but the dealer said it was nothing to worry about.

Ok , I guess you meant gouge not gauge . Also it is time for you learn what your tires should be inflated to . That will be on a plaque on your drivers door post. You can buy a tire gauge at Wally World.

If a tire loses 6 PSI, then, yes, you should investigate and find the leak before it gets worse. You can often do this yourself by spraying the tire, bead area, and valve with soapy water, then looking for bubbles.

Yes, lion9car is correct. First, I’d have all 4 inflated then watch them closely. (I once had a oil change place drop my tires from 35 recommended to 25, and another time a neighbor kid thought it’d be funny to deflate a tire.)

Does your dash show tire pressure on the fly? (I ask b/c I was surprised mine shows TP, updated every minute.)

It’s possible the tire was deflated when you picked it up. If not, this is something the dealer should repair, if they can’t find a puncture. Modern tire/wheels should lose pressure only with temperature changes.

OK , according to Mr. Google the factory recommended tire pressure for this 2019 Ford Explorer is 35 PSI for all tires . So this thing has not lost 6 lbs. one is 2 lbs. low and the other three are to high .

Back to the original problem is that apparently no one has ever taught Dana how to check and inflate or deflate tires so they are all close to the proper setting.

People that don’t know how to check things like this, oil level, fluid levels should be required to learn these very basic tasks, before being granted a license. Just my opinion.


Pass the written test, pass the driving test, now you need to pass the pre-trip and tire changing test.


I assumed they all started at the same pressure, but maybe that was a bad assumption. The OP will need to clarify that.