Low Transmission Fluid



I Have a 1994 Buick LeSabre and about every 3 weeks the fluid in the Transmission is about a pint low. There are no leaks. Anyone know what the problem is??


[b]Have you checked the coolant for tranny fluid contamination?

The radiator holds the tranny cooler. If the tranny cooler inside the radiator developes a leak, it will contaminate the coolant with tranny fluid. This will appear as an oily sludge.



I’m not sure if your trans has a vacuum modulator. If it does, see if the modulator is leaking fluid into the intake manifold.


If you dont notice any external leaking the next step is to pull the vacuum line off of the modulator (Located next to the bell housing near the radiator)look to see if any ATF drips from the hose. If it does, replace the modulator. If dry, then as Tester said, check the engine coolant for traces of ATF.



The Radiator is clean I’ll check the modulator next.
Thanks for the help.