Low tire light

how can i check to see if the tire pressure warning light is working? got new tires 18 months ago since then has not worked.2002 montecarlo ss 45,000 miles.thanks bob

remove about 10lbs of air from the tire. Don’t drive too long without filling it back up.

I thought of that .after I had the tires rotated. the low tire pressure use to come on.untill i got new tires.i can reset the low tire pressure and I did. since i got these new tires it is not working.were would the sensor be for the tire pressure 2002 montecarlo ss.thanks bob

Does your TPMS work with the ABS wheel speed sensors, or do the wheels have pressure sensors mounted inside the tires?

If inside-the-tire sensors were removed and not replaced when the new tires were installed, that might explain it.

i really dont know.i looked in the owners manual. their is no mention of were the sensors are located.

if you have a full sized spare…deflate that tire and if you have valve-stem sensors the low pressure light should come on…otherwise you have ABS-wheel sensors…

Thank you for the advice.It must be on the ‘abs-wheel’ sensors.the car came with a small spare tire.

just to add confirmation…since you can reset then it is ABS-sensors…you don’t reset valve stem sensors…I have an 05 toyota with ABS-sensors and an 07 with valve stem sensors.

thankyou for your anwser.yes i can reset all of my settings includind tire pressure