Low oil pressure

I just had my car worked on a 1995Neon, they replaced the thermostat,the valve cover gaskets,intake plenum new gaskets,ingition coil,chaged oil an put in new fiter. I drove the car about 100 miles an it staled, didnt think anything of it, went to the store, can out car would not start, temp went up high, sat for half an hour an car started but oil presure went down very low so drove back to garage were it is now. What is wrong with my car,didnt have low oil pressure until work was done.

Details please. You say it stalled, how long after the maintenance (miles and time)? Under what conditions did it stall? “can out car would not start” ??? Could you try that again? “temp went up high” How did you know? Light gauge??? “oil presure went down very low so drove back to garage” Very bad… You don’t drive a car with very low oil pressure unless you like very high repair bills.

The initial low oil may have been their fault if they failed to tighten the drain plug or properly fill (Too much or too Little oil) etc. But you then may have caused additional damage by driving it.

Don’t drive it any more. Have it towed to a shop. Your choice here, either the original shop or another, how much do you trust them? Only after that can you make the next decision.

ok about 150 miles after driving with the air on the whole time did it stale, took it back to the shop an they said it was a bad theromostat which they changed, but I got it back an the oil pressure is runing aound 35 to 40 is tht good or bad. Shoud i bring it back to the shop. I have a temp gauge,oil gauge, the oil gauge reads 0 then space the 40 then space then 120( i am not sure of the 120 might be a different number) but right now it runs just below the 4 on the 40, good or bad what do I do, the rest seems to be fine, when i run the air the oil pressure goes up to right in the middle of the 0 on the 40, thank you for any help you can give, yes the guy has worked on a number of my cars(my sons an mine) have never had problem with him.

When an engine overheats the oil also gets excessively hot and will be thinner than ordinary. The oil pump may not be able to pump enough oil to build pressure. The 35-40 psi you are reading is fine and is where it should be. Keep an eye on the oil pressure and temperature. Respond back if you have any other concerns.