Low idle when engine is warm

I have a 2003 Toyota Camry SE with a 2.4 4 cylinder. When I go to the store and come back to my car to start it up, it idles low and rough for around 30 seconds and then it slowly creeps back up. This only happens when my engine is warm and I start it up. Does anyone have any clue what could be happening and what I can do to fix this? Thanks!

Is the check engine light on?

My first thought would be a dirty throttle body depending on the check engine light and the error codes it sets.


Some older Toyotas had the idle set deliberately lower than ideal in order to improve City MPG ratings. No idea if yours is one of them. Has the car been doing this all along?

Ever since I’ve gotten the car around two years ago, yes.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I don’t think it would be to improve mpg as it only idles low for a bit and then the idle comes back up.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with the car running rich because the engine is already warm when it kicks into engine warmup mode🤷‍♂️?

Yes the check engine light has been on for quite some time. It’s throwing p0441, p0442, and p0446 evap codes. Do you know any possible causes for these codes? I’d like to fix it rather than clear the codes.

Personally, I wouldn’t drive around for more than a few hours with the CEL lit up, but…

A disconnected vacuum hose can lead to those 3 codes:


If you just clear the codes, that is the automotive equivalent of sweeping the dirt under the carpet.
The problem is still there, and the CEL will light up again as a result.