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Low Hum/shudder/vibrating

I drive a 2002 Pontiac Aztek with 91k miles on it. I have noticed a low pitched vibrating/hum when I go over bumps at a low speed. It also does it when I turn right at a low speed, for example, into a parking space. I just got it back from the shop, they replaced the front brake pads (hopefully solving this problem: http://act… I noticed this problem shortly after noticing the previous problem and thought the new brake pads would solve them both…evidently not. I don’t know anything about cars so I wanted to check on here before I make any more phone calls…

Your car has traction control as well as ABS. Nothing is wrong.

I have noticed it in the past, I think there is something wrong because it is much worse. Now it is vibrating/humming when I am just driving down a normal, dry road. It is also locking up the brakes sometimes when I touch them. I don’t believe the traction control should be cycling when I am driving normally. Could something be wrong with the sensors?

Ok. so I took it back in to the shop and we think that it is the ABS. We pulled the abs fuse and now it won’t stop making the dinging/warning noise. any ideas on how to get that to stop? I am perfectly fine driving without ABS, I just might drive off of the bridge if I must listen to that constant ding for an hour on my commute to work.