Low hum at accelleration

I have a dodge ram 1500 4x4 and recently it staarted to make a hum when I first accellerate for about 10 - 20 yards. If I let up on the accellerator it stops. The noise is starting to get louder and last a little longer.

Is this somethign in the transmission, differential? Or is it something to do with the alignment?

Not sure but I want to look at it before I do some real damage.



What year ,what state and how many miles. It could just be a cat converter heat shield. easily fixed with a welder. Also many other parts that may rub on the body if the engine mounts are a bit bad. start with the easy stuff. Trans or differential will be a bit more persistent but the heat shield changes vibration range as each weld fails.

This is a 2002 with approximately 80,000 in upstate new york. The sound doesn’t sound tinny but I will look at that. It also seams like when the vehicle is cold or under a good load you don’t hear it.