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Low gas pressure due to dirty gasoline

I just spent $746 to replace the fuel pump and fuel filter on my 2003 Windstar. My fuel pressure was very low. I have been driving for 52 years and have never previously experienced low fuel pressure due to dirty gasoline. The fuel pump was stained bright orange due to rust contamination. The fuel tank is plastic so the rust had to come from the input gas. The filter was clogged and had loose iron powder at the input. For the last 2 years, I have purchased discount gas from the same place–which has to be the problem. I am wondering if other drivers have had fuel pumps and filters ruined due to contaminated discount gas? The mechanic noted his dad ruined a fuel pump with off-brand gas. Aren’t gas station filters designed to remove rust and other contamination before injection into auto tanks? I never previously considered discount gas a potential problem. Why did it take 52 years to cause a problem? Have others experienced this dirty gas problem?

I don’t understand “rust stained gas”. Is there no possible metal part in your fuel tank that could be producing the rust?

Many 2003 cars have had their first fuel pump replaced by now and also many have not.

There is no metal in the fuel tank…or in the gas line. The white plastic fuel pump was stained bright orange due to rust contamination. What puzzled me was the amount of fine iron powder that had had passed through the sock filter in the gas tank, through the pump, the gas line, then had clogged the main gas line filter with fine iron powder falling loose at the filter input.

How many miles and how long since you replaced the fuel filter. We had an 03 windstar fuel pump replaced under extended warranty. I don’t now if it was rusted but you were obviously not driving the 03 windstar for 52 years. Ours was a failed fuel pump and I am not about to blame a gas station. Stuff happens, I don’t now that I would jump to the conclusion it was where my wife bought gas. Sure you seem convinced it was the discount gas, but I always encouraged wife t get gas from shell, mobil or BP. I doubt she did but being able to verify any causality is a long stretch, though I only buy gas for my vehicle from the above mentioned.

You are mad and suspicious, in reality there is no evidence to support you claim, but I am acting by buying gas as aforementioned, does it really make a difference, there is no proof, but I will continue getting brand name gas.

About the only way I can imagine fuel being contaminated with rust is that the underground storage tanks at the station are metal and deteriorating. In my area, these tanks have had to be replaced with fiberglass tanks. I don’t think that the discount gas has anything to do with the problem. I try to buy gasoline from stations that have a high turnover.
I’ve noticed that the same tank truck services a lot of different brands in my area. There may be a different additive package that goes in the gasoline, but my cars seem to run the same no matter what gasoline station I use.

Is your fuel door locked? Could someone have dumped a handful of dirt in your tank?

Virtually every gas station in business today has fiberglass tanks and lines.