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Low cost engine oil

I generally require a quart of oil after about 4k miles which is generally 1k before my normal oil change at Grease Monkey. Sam’s Club sells their brand of oil for ~1/2 the price as name brands. Any reason not to use their oil for this relatively minimal amount.

As long as it meets t he api standards for your vehicle…use what ever you want.

Agreed. I’ve been using discount-brand oils for more than 25 years with no problems whatsoever. Save your money.

Thanks, that’s what I thought but just wanted to be sure.


I have been using Sam’s Club oil for about 2 years now and have seen no difference than when I used other more “premium” oils.

If you trust your car to “Grease Monkey”, sooner or later you will have far more to worry about…But if you ask them they should be able to sell you an extra quart of whatever oil they use…