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2011 Chevrolet Camaro uses 2 qt of oil between oil change

3.6 manual trans the car uses 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. no visable leaks.

With so little information, all I can say is replace your PCV.

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Engines burn oil and you’ll never see the smoke. Some engines more than others. More as they build up more miles. You don’t say how many miles the 10 year car has so I’ll guess 120,000 miles.

If you change oil every 5000 miles, that means you are burning one quart per 2500 miles. That is not excessive, at all.

Check your oil regularly. Read how in your owners manual. Add if low. If you keep driving letting the engine get 2 quarts low you will destroy your engine.


Now you know to check oil level after 2500 miles?

GM specifies oil changes every 7,500 miles. If you’re using 2 quarts in that many miles–or even half that many–you have no real problem.


Same here. I’ve owned my 2011 V6 since new. That is about normal for a V6 LLT engine. No smoke, no leaks. It is a good idea as others have pointed out not to let it drop low.

Who says the OP was asking if this was a problem? The original post was written as a statement - they could be boasting; or complaining; or looking for comparisons; just putting some facts out there; or just yelling into the abyss.

So, in that case, the only appropriate response would have been something like…
Duly noted!


Or all of the above. Talking into the abyss seems the standard approved communication.

Must be a youngster as there is nothing normal about using 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. Ive been around a while and until this sorry assed v6 camaro never had an issue using more than a ¼ quart between changes

An here is n update. The engine blew 6 days after oil change. Was 3 quarts low and had no visable oil loss no smake and the mods were done to pvc. It’s a crappy engine and should have been part of the other 3.6 v6 engine recall. But gm being like most companys nowdays decided that camaro needed excluded. Ill go back to driving my 69 ss that has 254,000 miles on it and don’t use any oil between changes. Oh btw I change my oil at 4k miles and use synthetic so if people want to accept that using oil is normal then the days of quality built cars is truly gone forever

If the engine was 3 qt low just a few days after the oil change, have you considered the possibility that the oil change place screwed-up and didn’t add sufficient oil?


Who could have guessed this would happen?

Why Me! I guessed this would happen. Just because you have always done it this way doesn’t mean it is correct.


Not enough info to really know what is going on here . Who changed the oil , does this person ever check the oil level , was this vehicle bought used , the oil light had to come on before the engine failed you would think and has this person never heard of vehicles using oil ?


I’ve also been around a while and I can tell you my 2009 Corolla with 122k uses about 3 quarts in 5,000 miles between oil changes. I consider that more than acceptable. If you’re changing oil every 4,000 miles then you were only using a quart every 2,000 miles. Anyway, the oil change place helped you blow up the engine in your 2011 so good luck with the '69.


As most of us know, checking the oil level regularly can help spot an easily fixable problem before the engine blows up.

A $20 pcv valve replacement is cheaper than an engine.