Low coolant

We have a 2006 Suburu Forrester, with just 20,000 miles on it. I noticed recently that the coolant level in the reservoir is a bit below minimum. It was checked just a month ago when we had our regular servicing. We’re about to leave for a trip (into the desert) and I’m reluctant to just throw in a bit more coolant—after all, the stuff must have gone SOMEWHERE. Thoughts? Thanks.

It’s normal to be down coolant with the mileage you have and they probably missed it when you had your last checkup. Just buy some zerex or prestone or any other name brand of coolant that’s ready mix and is yellow. Do not put anything but yellow in your car and it will be fine.

I agree. Not to worry, at least yet. Add some and the proper coolant and then watch it. If you are going on a trip, just put the rest of the coolant in the back and check it from time to time. It is normal for it to go higher or lower depending on the temperature.

I would suggest the pre-mixed coolant as it will be more convenient. Keep track of how much it may be loosing and don’t be surprised if you find out it is not really loosing any.