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Low coolant Dodge Caravan 2005

Not heat, but fan working fine. Took it in after observing coolant level as very low. Coolant added and heat works great. Note: despite low coolant, no overheating was taking place. Was told it may be leaking. Is it worth further exploring if we do not observe a leak? We have already put money into the heating and cooling systems.

Doesn’t matter, you need a working vehicle. right? Watch the coolant level to see if you have to add coolant and how often Watch for leaks under the vehicle. Coolant smells sweet and the color will be close to what you can see in your reservoir bottle. If you don’t have to add, don’t worry.

If you do, have the cooling system pressure checked and the coolant checked for combustion gasses or oil. It might be a head gasket or cracked head.

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The cooling system is a closed loop system.

So if the coolant is low, there’s a leak somewhere.


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Thanks! Will monitor it…appreciate the advice. We are close to replacing the vehicle, which is why we are hesitant to invest in more repairs. We will monitor and see if it needs further inspection.