Loves to go forward. Hates going backwards



I have a 95’ Chevy Caprice Classic Sedan (107k miles) that does fine going forward but hates going in reverse. The reverse over the past few months keeps getting weaker and weaker. I didn’t know if this is a sign that the transmission was about to die and was going to need to be replace or it was something smaller (cheaper) to repair. Thanks for the help!


I would suggest having the transmission pan removed, the fluid drained and have the transmission filter replaced. Refill with fresh transmission fluid and keep your fingers crossed. DO NOT FLUSH THE TRANSMISSION. This procedures works sometimes and it’s worth a shot. Find a good mechanic to do this and avoid those “chain” transmission and oil change places.


Can you describe “weaker and weaker”? What, exactly, happens when you put it in reverse?


The problem might be with the manual or spool valve in the valve body.

This spool valve has a series of O-rings positioned on it. When the transmission is put into a certain gear this spool valve directs the hydraulic pressure to the clutches for that gear. If the O-rings a worn it allows the fluid to by-pass them where little or no hydraulic pressure is produced so the vehicle hardly moves or doesn’t move in that gear.



In the earlier days, once the car was in reverse, it would move backwards in pulses. Like:“Bum…Bum…BumBumBumbummmmmmmvvvrrrooommm” Like a stutter. Later on, I would have to give it gas and then let off the gas and the gear would catch and perform as explained above. Now it only wants to work if the car is on an incline giving it assistance.


Thanks for the replies!


Well, I tried the first suggestion about changing the transmission filter. Something I knew I could handle myself. Good news is that my feels better going forward now. Bad news it still doesn’t like reverse.