Love my Saabs... what next?

I love my Saabs( especially the ride of the pre 00’s),but seeing as they are no longer made and now that good low mile used ones are going up in price(supply vs demand).
Does anyone have a suggestion?

Yes , take a decent test drive in what ever you are interested in . Ride quality or comfort is an individual feeling.

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What, specifically, do you like about your Saab? Also, what body style? This will help us suggest something more modern. How much are you willing to spend?

Reliability,ride,pick-up and 10-15 k. No trucks or cross overs


You want reliability so why are looking at used . Many used vehicles can give good service but some can put you in the poor house.
Start by looking at every manufacture web site with a build your own feature . You just might see something new you had not thought of . Of course new has warranty and better loan rates if you are financing.

I will add to Mr. Volvo’s excellent advice above that by buying new you get the advantage of modern safety features and active driver assistance features.

I’m choked up! I feel your pain. That is truly a Saab story. :sob:

Just find the newest, lowest mileage one you can afford and buy it. What else can you do?
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Take a look at a 2013 Infiniti G37x sedan. Dealers sell good ones for around $12,000 with about 80,000 miles. A friend had a G35 (previous generation) and enjoyed it thoroughly. His was RWD, and the x designates AWD. Test drive one and let us know what you think. If you don’t like it what’s missing? That’ll help us narrow in down. Be specific. Generalities won’t help us.

However, I will offer this observation:
A few miles from my home, there is a family that used to own several Saabs. When one of them needed to be replaced, they bought an Audi. One by one, when the Saabs needed major repairs, each one was replaced with an Audi.

So, I guess you could conclude that this family felt Audis were good substitutes for their old Saabs.

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Having owned many a Saab in the past I can easily understand your conundrum. Saab’s were built extremely well. They were also hand made for a very long time, with very high quality steel. I’ve owned at least 5 900’s and my last one was an 89’ 900 Turbo Cabriolet… and if tasked with finding a drop top that would be its equal I don’t think I’d have been able to fit that bill at least until the newer hard top convertibles came along…but that represents quite a time gap.

Volvo’s build quality very closely mirrored Saab’s for a long time (not sure anymore but I suspect they still do, in fact I think Volvo would be a Saab’s closest match to be honest) BMW also, but not sure about this anymore, but they did for a while… Audi’s are pretty to look at…but that’s about as far as i will go with that make.

If you want to discuss your Saab Story more in depth there is a MASSIVE website dedicated to them. I believe its called the “Saabnet”. I haven’t been on there in a while but I know its still out there. See what those folk have done…or maybe you shouldn’t…I suspect none of them have actually given up their Saabs actually…lol.

Volvo had some major quality problems for a long long time. Their quality went UP when Ford bought them. Ford has long since sold Volvo, but Volvo’s aren’t built like they were in the 80’s. Volvo’s reliability is now considered just average. They are owned by a Chinese company. But Volvo’s from the 90’s and early 2000’s - were NOT very reliable. Safe - yes…Reliable - No.

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Nor were the ones from the '70s. Only after finding out what a total POS my '74 Volvo was, did my co-workers who owned Volvos of that era reveal that theirs were also total POS.

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I wasn’t under the impression that Saabs were better than average, reliability-wise. As for alternatives, that really depends on what features the OP is needing. Space+fun? Then a Mazda CX-5 might work.

edit - Mazda as a brand would seem to fit most Saab owners needs.

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Saabs were kinda quirky cars, which is what attracted a lot of people to them. Not really many quirky cars for sale these days, at least in the US, unless you count things like the Veloster, which has a much sportier ride than the old Saab had.

Other countries still get goofball cars like Citroen, but not so much here.

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