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Love honda

i have a honda del sol 93 with 300,000 miles and i noticed a smell and squeaking sound. i drove car 10 more miles pulled off and notice a belt under left side hanging off. i had good steering so it could not be my powertransmission belt. my car was running so i assume it was not my timing belt. so i assune it was my alternator belt. i drove it 40 more miles with no reprocussions. i left with mechanic shop asking them to fix. actually they replaxed the alteernato and all belts 6 months ago. should i have any problems from this situation other than replacement of belt… i love this xar.

First, please find out which belt this was that became severed, and then we can discuss the possible consequences.

i will find out tommorrow but it is on left side inderneath and there is a belt to its immediate inside