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Lousy jack stands

Also the stands are supposed to work as intended and how many people would know if the catch pawl was designed wrong in the first place.

One of the downfalls of contracting out to the lowest bidder. We have been able to select the not lowest bidder based on previous experience.

I dunno… its probably just me but… I tend to notice things like teeth and catch pawls…especially if that thing is going to allow me to keep breathing a little longer.

I realize I may be in the minority


I mean, there is really only one standard design for the jack stand and every one of them within that design works the exact same way. If it doesn’t look like the rest of them then something isn’t right. If you are using a tool you should have a basic understand of how it works. I really hope nobody was killed as a result of this but I can’t help but think how an accident like that is partly their own fault for either being uneducated on the proper use of a tool or failing to make sure that tool was on proper working order. Besides dont auto manufacturers have recalls all the time. Recalls that potentially result in the deaths of thousands of people. When it happens to come from a cheap tool manufacturer it’s always “see, see I told you they where garbage”. Sorry this sort of double standard really gets under my skin.

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There’s no way I’m getting under anything no matter who makes the support system without at least one and preferably 2 backups. As in blocks and a 3 ton jack at least.

I’ve related the story before but as I walked in a side door once I heard someone yell about 10 feet away and about that time a Pontiac went off the side of a double post lift which lurched suddenly. The mechanic and the service manager just missed getting squashed by about 3 or 4 feet. The car was a total of course.

It was odd to watch. Both tech and SM were moving at full speed and the car seemed to be in slow motion as it rolled over and landed on the driver’s side roof. Just had a grand worth of front suspension work done to it…