Craftsman Tools at Lowes Look Like Junk

Just saw the “new” Craftsman tool display at Lowes replacing their Kobalt line. The tools look like cheap junk. Thicker sections to compensate for inferior steel makes them far less useful in tight spaces. They look and feel cheaper than - dare I say it? - Pittsburgh (Harbor Freight) brand tools.

I have not looked at the Ace Hardware versions to see if there is any difference. Has anybody else? Are there 2 ranges of quality? Or just junk?

What?! They displaced the Kobalt tools? What a bummer. I actually preferred those in most cases…

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The few times I’ve looked at the Craftsman tools at Ace, the prices were so outrageous that I just went to the farm store instead. I’m note gonna pay $12 for a wrench regardless of the quality.

If you think Craftsman tools have declined you should see Sears lower tier tools are they ever garbage .

I’m not sure who’s calling the shots, but Lowes must have had a lot of say in the design of the SBD Craftsman line they sell. I’m not sure if you are implying SBD is at fault, but I’d put the responsibility on both the seller and the manufacturer in this case. I haven’t looked at the Craftsman tools at either Lowes or Ace, though both are close.

I assume by SBD you mean ( Stanley - Black and Decker ) but I am not sure and some readers might not have a clue.

The Chinese made Craftsman tools are junk no matter what store sells them. Even if Sears stays open their guarantee now means nothing to me because if you take in a worn out or broken American made Craftsman tool, you get a piece of Chinese made junk.
My understanding is that Lowes and Ace are going to only warranty the ones they have sold and you will need a receipt to prove it. Even Harbor Freight will replace any Pittsburg hand tool without a receipt.

Those are the new Craftsman Chineseium line of tools.

I don’t know about other places, but in Traverse City MI, Ace will replace without a receipt, but only if they carry the exact tool. They don’t stock very many. So it’s almost worthless.

Kobalt’s still available at Lowes, at least at our local stores. My dad has been going to Lowes and Tractor Supply only a couple miles from home, the sears is just up the road from Lowes but they drove dad away with their poor excuse for customer service,

If Craftsman tools are sold, they are Stanley-Black and Decker (SBD). Some may be made overseas; I don’t know. IIRC, Sears tried to sell their own line of Craftsman tools, perhaps of Chinese origin, and SBD put a stop to that real fast. Obviously, they were not real Craftsman tools, since Sears didn’t buy them from SBD.

Found this, Stanley bought the name Craftman. But what a bad decision by Sears. From Chicago Tribune, August 2018,
That means a Craftsman cordless power drill or red metal toolbox could have come from either Sears or Stanley, depending on where it’s purchased. Consumers will continue to see Sears’ version of Craftsman in the Hoffman Estates-based retailer’s Sears and Kmart stores, as well as Sears Hometown and Outlet. Elsewhere, they will begin to see New Britain, Conn.-based Stanley’s take on the brand.

Last week, Stanley introduced 1,200 Craftsman products, including automotive tools, power drills, lawn equipment and storage boxes, which will begin arriving at Lowe’s and Ace Hardware stores in September. Metal storage products will go on sale on Amazon later this year, with more added in 2019. Certain items, including toolboxes and mechanic’s tools, have been in Lowe’s stores since April, Stanley said.

They didn’t have much choice, given their financial condition. I read recently that Sears will no longer sell clothing, but concentrate on home services, appliances, and mattresses. It appears they will also continue selling Craftsman tools as an authorized seller of the SBD product line.

Anyone else totally confused about who makes and owns what anymore?

Sears is on the ropes, so they’re probably selling anything they can. I just learned that they’d sold the Craftsman name to SBD, though, and was wondering what that might mean for the quality (haven’t had a chance to check it out myself).

Just my 2 cents, but if Black and Decker is involved they will go from junk to junkier. Much junkier…

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BnD are consumer products. You can’t expect commercial quality from consumer tools. I’ve had several excellent electric lawn tools from BnD, and a very good electric air pump.

I’ve been at our local Lowe’s several times in the past several weeks getting paint and other supplies to fix up our new house…plenty of Kobalt tools there still. Pretty close to an even mix of Kobalt to Craftsman

I must agree. I have a drill, screw driver and saws-all from BnD… because they use the same Li-Ion battery and they work great.

Just finishing up a closet addition that didn’t require any corded products except my Bosch hammer drill (and I LOVE that Bosch!).

Yeah I’ve got a cordless B&D drill and actually I like it. Thing is though the battery went so I had to buy a set of two of them and a charger for $50. Either that or throw it away or buy another drill like it with a battery for $50. In for a dime, in for a dollar. I have a cordless Porter Cable too that is heavier duty that I like.

Now I wanted a cheap battery pole saw for some miscellaneous trimming. So what did I get? A B&D for $140 because I already had two other batteries. So now I have three and a couple chargers so I can trim trees for about an hour without recharging. Actually better than I thought except to have to hand oil the chain. Nothing like the $600 Stihl but didn’t want another motor to maintain and not going to pay that much for a few uses. TQM is designing products for the intended need, so while not the great quality, it fits the need at the proper price point. Would a tree trimmer buy it? No way.