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I hear a loud Rattling noise from back of 09 Corolla,when I put it in gear- just came out of nowhere -Help

I attached a video so you can hear what it sounds like when I start it

I am assuming it is a front wheel drive? Could be exhaust related, broken clamp heat shield etc. More info please. How does the noise change during driving.

Have you looked at the exhaust system to see if it’s banging against something ? Was posting at the same time as Barkydog .

Can you feel it in your feet, like something is hitting the floor?
How many miles on the vehicle?

No - it actually freaked me the he!! Out and I got out the car

I would not know what I’m looking for .

Can I drive it with that noise . Is it going to damage anything - it’s weird - just happened out of nowhere

Maybe I just had my sound turned up but that sure sounds a lot more serious than an exhaust rattle and it seemed to be tied to the engine revs. Unless you can crawl under and take a look to try and identify it, I think you should probably tow it to a shop, unless its just a short drive.

I would not know what I’m looking for .
Yep , you need a mechanic or someone more knowledgeable than yourself to look it over .

All I was headed to school and about 4 miles out - the noise came out of nowhere - I thought maybe I ran over something - that wasn’t the case - so went home and I haven’t drove it - I t was so loud when I put in reverse , I was scared something broke - I will attempt to drive it to local shop about 2 miles away - I hope it’s not major Costs.

Like Bing, I think that this sounds like something more serious than a loose exhaust pipe.
Hopefully, we are both wrong, but from afar it is just not possible to accurately diagnose this problem.

My advice is…
…do not drive the car in this condition
…do not start the engine again until this problem has been diagnosed by a qualified mechanic
…have it towed to an independent shop (not a chain-run operation like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Pep Boys, Firestone, or–God forbid–AAMCO) for examination and repair.

We had such a rattling noise with our Corolla and it turned out to be a loose heat shield over the catalytic converter. Took $68 to fix at a muffler shop.

You need the car on a hoist and inspected to find what the problem is. Don’t keep driving with the noise.

There’s a couple things you could do yourself. Take a peek under the rear end of the car, see if anything looks unusual. Also remove everything from the trunk, including the spare tire and jack if there’s either of those under the trunk’s floor panel or other panels on the side or headwall of the trunk. With any luck, some of that stuff is causing the rattling. I had a golf ball work its way from the trunk of my Corolla one time into one of the wheel well areas, where the rear struts attach, and that golf ball definitely made a racket rolling around.