Front-end rattle


I have a '93 Corolla. Last week, it developed a rattle on what seems to be the front, right-hand (passenger) side. I don’t hear it when accelerating or breaking, only when decelerating from 40mph+ with no break/gas pedal. I’m a poor college student, but I have a healthy respect for my car. I’d rather avoid the $90 diagnostic charge required by the Toyota dealership. Help?


Sorry, it’s an automatic!


It probably is normal. Old Corollas were always rattling, although the 93’s rattled less than the 92’s. I think it is an exhaust sound.


Often rattles like that are heatshields Any mechanic with a lift can take a quick look and see if there is a problem. It is a little more difficult if you don’t have access to a lift. Usually it is a simple matter of removing the offending part or securing it better.