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Loud motoric sounds when car is running except during turns

Help! Recently, my car started sounding like the heater or some other motor was on high when I turn on the engine and drive. However, the heater is off. Took it to one repair shop and they put in a new alternator. The sound remains, but louder and more insistent, except when I turn, then it stops for a moment or two. Took it to another place and they thought it was some belt behind the alternator and put in a new something (forget what it was called, but they said it is a typical break in older Toyotas. Mine is a 98 Corolla LE. But, the sound remains and gets louder. So far the alternator has cost me $500.00. I will take it back to the second place, because they didn’t charge me yet, and they wonder now if it is the water pump. Any ideas?

A few months ago the car was shaking at 65 MPH. I was out of town and a repair shop tightened a wheel bearing and aligned the wheels. The shaking stopped, but today it started again. Could this problem be related to the wheel bearing? Help! Jeanne

This question needs a bit of clarification before anyone can really give a substantive answer.

Motoric sound? “Motoric” refers to voluntary muscle movement in an human or animal’s body, not to a sound. How this would relate to a car? Can you clarify this for us?

Regarding the sound that you tell us is heard “when I turn on the engine and drive”, is that sound heard when the car is stationary, or only when the car is moving? That is a very important detail, and your description of the circumstances is not at all clear.

Later in your post, you make reference to a recent problem with the car’s wheel bearings, and this may be a clue. Even though I am probably being premature with any suggestions before you give us a clarification of the situation, based on what I have gleaned from your post, I think that it is very possible that the problem is indeed your wheel bearings. Since they may have been overtightened, or they may be about to seize, I would suggest having this checked out a.s.a.p., as this is a potential safety issue.