Loud banging noise

I am pretty sure I have something wrong with a push rod. When I start the car their is a loud banging noise that starts out kind of quietly but gets loud within a few seconds. If you rev the engine the sound goes away for about 10 seconds then comes back.

It’s a Toyota 1990 22RE 4 cylinder engine.

Any ideas?

That’s never good. It’s not a push rod, your engine uses an overhead cam. How many miles on the engine? Has the oil been changed regularly? Have you checked the valve clearances? The oil pressure?

A noise like that could be a connecting rod bearing, a crankshaft bearing, a very loose rocker arm, or the timing chain. In any case, get it to a good Toyota shop. Any experienced Toyota mechanic should be able to diagnose it from the sound.

I too am wondering how many miles this 19 year old engine has on it. And what the maintenance history has been.

I agree that a shop needs to look at it. With luck it’ll be the timing chain. Mine on my 22R engine needed replacement at 200,000 miles. The engine is a longitudinal mounted 4-banger, so although timing chain replacement is not cheap (plenty of labor) at least it can be done with the engine still in the engine compartment.