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Loud a/c compressor,but a/c still works

Any ideas, my a/c compressor is loud now but still pushes cold air…could it be a clutch or pully. Makes noise loudest when first started. Is it failing… what do you guys suggest?

It is most likely failing and I wouldn’t count on it for too much longer. As for suggestions, there isn’t too much you can do to save it.

I had a clutch bearing go out in my 1978 Oldsmobile when the car was 10 years old. A couple shops told me to replace the whole compressor. I found a shop that replaced just the clutch. The price was less than $100 at the time. Until 2 years ago, the air conditioning still worked. At any rate, the compressor made a terrible noise. I would recommend finding a shop that will decide if it is the clutch or the entire compressor. Replacing the clutch does not involve discharging the system if the clutch bearing is your problem.

Had the same prob, but, don’t know if it is the identical sound, from a Camry compressor. Sprayed WD-40 into the spinning parts, and it went away. Then followed up with Marvel Mystery Oil spray and had no squeals for a year till I got rid of the car. Not saying you have the same prob or if this will work but it did for the Camry.