Lost Oil Tank cap, Please help!

I was refilling the oil this morning. By accident dropped the oil tank cap ( I am so mad at myself for being so careless). The cap did not fall on the ground, and cannot locate it. I need some guidance, please help. Thanks

Try looking with a good worklight. And, if you have jackstands, try sliding underneath.

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I lost a few sockets that way, never did find them. They probably bounced out on the road somewhere. As @the_same_mountainbike says get a good bright flashlight and see if you can figure out where it fell. It may be on a cross member that you can get from underneath.

You’re going to have to remove the lower engine splash shield.

It’s probably sitting above that.


Going to the local pep boys and have them locate it for me.
Have to go pick up my kid from the airport tonight and don’t want to worry about the cap and have peace of mind. Many thanks as always for your guidance.
Happy Mother’s Day!!

You can buy a new engine oil cap for $8.

tried crawling under the car, but has a splash guard and could not see anything. Thanks

My worry is the cap hitting some moving parts:(

I think like Tester said. You don’t want to lose it on the way to Pep Boys. So think like an oil cap. Where would you go? I lost a screwdriver once and couldn’t find it. Years later I found it up against the exhaust manifold with the handle half melted. It really is one of my best because of the great grip I can get on the handle now.

I have found many lost caps while working on cars, I usually though them in the trash.

Try driving to Pepboys (or anywhere else) without the fill cap on and you’re likely to end up with oil splattered all over the engine compartment.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Yeah that’s a good point. Better to spend the time taking the splash guard off. I have strong lights, a small mirror mounted on a rod, a long grabber, magnet, etc. but my favorite is a long forceps. I use that quite a bit for lots of stuff because it is long and narrow and also locks in position. Never used it for surgery though.

Found it yay!


Many thanks;-)

Where was it?

I forgot to re-install the air-cleaner nut once. 3 clamps held it down so it wasn’t going anywhere, the only problem that a little dirt could fall through the hole. I drove for months, including a long trip on rough dirt roads, before finding it in the battery tray.

I dropped mine just yesterday. Had a heck of a time finding it. The only portion that was visible were about two threads…the rest was hidden. Got a hold of it and 3/4 of the way out it slipped out of my hand and hid itself again.
Slippery bugger!!!


Glad you found it. If it happens again, don’t run the engine until the cap is back on. Either by finding it, or buying a new one. If the engine runs w/o an oil cap, oil shoots out that hole and makes a mess of the engine compartment, as well as possibly running low on oil and damaging the engine. But it sounds like you are golden now. Good for you.

Hope you find yours soon

I’m happy to hear that.
Sincere thanks for taking the time to post and let us know.

You folks are like family- always there when I need help;-)


    May 13

Found it yay!

I’m happy to hear that.

Sincere thanks for taking the time to post and let us know.