Loss of power when accelerating uphill

I have a 2008 pontiac G6 2.4 with roughly 155k miles on it, i noticed 2 things i have to release gas pedal for car to shift gears, i also noticed about a week ago that the acceleration is slowing down it doesnt accelerate like it used to, now when i drive it struggles to go uphill ill be getting high rpm but not gaining any speed or very little speed. 2 days ago while i was on the highway the car slowed down significantly and i received “engine power reduced” and “service traction” notification. i parked aside for a few minutes and it started up normal and drove again. it seems to drive fine at lower speeds. i purchased it used with 60k miles about 7/8 years ago. I took it to autozone and a mechanic shop they checked it and provided me with codes not sure if it helps. codes are P0010, P0013, P0014, P0420. I replaced O2 sensor bank one no resolution though.

Those codes have absolutely nothing to do with the O2 sensor.

Why did you replace it?


because i went to the mechanic shop and their machine gave me different codes but I couldnt remeber the codes and i lost the paper that had them but they said to replace O2 sensor so i did

If that’s what they told you? I would never bring my vehicle back there.


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and I have not that is why I came here for some assistance. you have any ideas?

Codes P0010, P0013, P0014, have to do with camshaft position circuit, bank 1.

Code P0420 means the catalytic converter isn’t working.


think it is worth it to clean the catalytic converter before purchasing a new one?
okay ill see what needs to be replaced with that camshaft position im guessing some sensors?

I’ve never tried Cataclean. So I have no comment.

When was the last time the oil/filter was changed?

Dirty oil can cause those codes.


3 weeks to 1 month ago oil was changed and oil filter replaced

The code referring to the cat not working could be unrelated to the car’s driveability problems. If the cat is clogged, that is an issue that will affect the engine. If the cat is “inefficient” (lets too much bad air out the tailpipe), the engine will still run fine. I would remove the pre cat (front) 02 sensor and see if driveability improves. If the cat is plugged, the exhaust will escape via the hole the 02 sensor was formerly residing in. The car will be loud as heck. But if driveability improves, the cat is clogged. I would definitely recommend doing this before buying a new cat.

If that test doesn’t reveal that the cat is clogged, I would have to refer to someone else’s knowledge. My approach would be to replace the camshaft position sensor after looking for obvious breaks in the wiring to the sensor. But that may be money wasted for the sensor, ‘tis a bit over my head, I’m only a shade tree mechanic and personally have never had a camshaft position or crank sensor fail, although it’s far from uncommon.

I feel like that’s something I can test this weekend and give an update

Great! Like I said, it will be loud. Like “end of the world” loud. So you’ve been warned! But removing that pre cat 02 sensor will show for certain if the cat is restricted. Then you can proceed from there.

You may have a transmission problem going on there too, but try the advice above first. A proper transmission service is worth doing, esp if that routine service is past due already on your car.

Your transmission isn’t shifting because you throttle position sensor sees your foot is right to the floor. It is to the floor because of your lack of power. Fix that and your transmission will shift normally.

I would focus on the failing variable valve timing control solenoids before the catalytic converter. Correcting the engine performance problem may restore the catalyst efficiency, there may be no need to replace the catalytic converter.

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Seems several problems. So besides the engine problems noted above, I understand your questions correctly, one item is that the RPMs increase but the car is not accelerating. This indicates to me the transmission is starting to fail. You could try a transmission service, ie fluid/filter change and see it that helps.

Tbh idk if I’ve ever done a transmission fluid/filter change I’m assuming that’s something I’m supposed to do regularly? I can’t remember

Most of the regulars on here recommend doing it about every 30k miles

His rpms are going up because his car is dropping to a lower geat to try to accelerate with a loss of power and what the computer sees as wide open throttle.

I’m gonna go get that transmission fluid and filter changed right now or tomorrow

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