Loss of power @ 2000rpm

I own a 01 Pathfinder and it idles great, runs great, and starts w
o problems. The problem occurs when rpms reach 2000. It will not exceed 2000rpms and starts to stall. When returned to idle speed it’s fine.It has a new pcv valve, fuel pump, fuel filter,& swirl control valve. Does anyone have any suggestions before the dealership take my arm and a leg.

Why would you go to a dealership? Unless you need warranty or recall service, it is a rare issue that actually makes you better off with a dealer. Just find a reputable local mechanic.

Was there a fuel pressure problem before you did the pump and filter? (I.e. did someone actually put a fuel pressure gauge on it?) Is the fuel pressure now within specs? (Once again it needs an actual pressure gauge on it).

Has anyone checked the exhaust system for blockage?

Is the check engine light on?

How many miles are on it?

fuel pump was out of specs.and fuel pressure check was performed. Yes fuel pressure is within specs.

Exhaust is normal

est.84,000 miles

trouble codes 1165 & 1612

“trouble codes 1165 & 1612”

Might have been nice to mention that up front. I don’t know the details of the swirl valve system (P1165). However, I am assuming that you replaced the actual valve because of that code. My guess will be that the valve itself was probably not the problem. The code description mentions both “vacuum” and “switch” - my guess is that there are vacuum hoses involved and there will obviously be some wiring involved as well.

Both of those avenues should be investigated. Your engine is probably being starved for air (or maybe flooded with it) because something in this system is amiss.

How do you know the exhaust is “normal”?

I figured that it was due to the fact there’s no rust and no leaks. I’m no expert but the MAP sensor wasn’t connected at all. That might’ve been the 1165.

The MAP sensor wasn’t connected at all?!? That will definitely make a vehicle run like crap. Is it connected now? Did it improve?

Yes it did, but I don’t think that that was the main problem. Still doesn’t drive over 2000rpm.Do you know of any other automotive chat forums?

I’m telling you - your swirl valve itself was probably fine all along. It has a vacuum or electrical problem somewhere else in the system. Unless it isn’t throwing that 1165 anymore.

The web is full of forums and if you just do a little searching I’m sure you can find one or more specifically for pathfinders.

Let’s see - here’s a P1165 discussion in a Nissan forum: http://x.nissanhelp.com/forums/sentra/14023-p1165-swirl-control-valve-control-vacuum-check-switch.html

A nissan tech says first clean out the vacuum connection b/c it often gets clogged. The poster came back with problem solved after finding a broken wire.

Oh - and you cannot check for exhaust blockage by looking at the condition of the outside of the exhaust. Blockage, if it exists, is on the inside. The most straightforward way to check it is with a vacuum gauge.