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Update on 97 civic Hx that loses oil. After replacing all the valve seals on car I drove it conservatively for about 300 miles. No oil lost. A week later I had to catch a business trip to Orlando, drove from Dover De. to Baltimore Md at average 80 mph. I lost about half quart on this trip. A week later I flushed with Sea Foam and have yet to lose any oil. I believe that my oiler rings or oil scrapers might have been very gummed up. Any ideas?

What did you do with the seafoam? If you put it in the crankcase or sucked it in the intake hose, what most likely happened is that it freed up your PCV valve. Your PCV valve is cheap and it’s usually a good idea to change it out when you’re dealing with weird oil consumption issues.

But are you saying you burnt a 1/2 quart driving to Orlando or did you just drive from Dover to Baltimore? How far is that exactly? Losing a half quart over 400 miles or so of interstate driving is generally considered acceptable. And it’s very common for a car that burns no oil around town to only burn oil during prolonged high speed driving.