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Lose of power

On my way to work this morning my car just out of nowhere stopped accelerating also would not go in reverse either but I never lost. Electrical power I pulled over turned it off then back on but it wouldn’t turn over so I wait a minute and started it with no problem and have no issue a accelerating or reversing??? Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong

I forgot it say it’s a manual transmission…

What year Malibu, how many miles on it, and what engine?

I can think of reasons why a car would lose power, and I can think of reasons why a manual transmission car wouldn’t go in reverse. But I can’t think of anything at all that would be common on those two lists. This is a good puzzle. It’s hard to believe the two are coincidences either, b/c of the interaction described by the OP. Hopefully OP will let us know the solution. OP doesn’t say if the CEL is on or whether the diagnostic codes were read. That’s probably the first place to start.

My wild guess is that the engine died.
Manual tranny, eh? Are you highly experienced with manual trannys or still learning?

How’s the maintenance?
Last time you had plugs?
Any recent repairs?
Any other operating eccentricities lately?

The answers to jt’s questions might make a big difference too. One cannot have too much information, only too little. :relaxed:

i also believe that it is just that the engine died