I'm tired of this car

I have a '03 Chevy Malibu LS.

My car has been acting strange lately and today was the big finish. I went to put my car in reverse and the car shut off. I called my roadside assistance and had to have the car jump started. What is wrong? Video: https://youtu.be/7_cgzcZPtxE

Cannot tell from the video, but if it started after a jump bad battery my guess.

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Have the battery and alternator tested. Make sure battery connections are clean.

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You have a csr that is 14 years old. This is not a major problem. You probably need a new battery, but have the charging system checked.

That itself doesn’t sound like a major problem. Things like that expected on an older car. One time I drove my Corolla into a gas station, pumped the tank w/10 gallons of fuel, and the car wouldn’t crank at all when I tried to start it. That was caused by loose battery connections, had nothing to do with the gas fill up. Your problem is likely similar, putting it in reverse is just a coincidence. This time of year we get a lot of no-crank complaints due to the colder weather is showing up a battery problem that was there all summer, but only now showing up. That’s the first place to start.

If it turns out not to be the battery or battery connections, what other problems has it been having?


As said, likely the battery, alternator, alternator belt, or grubby battery cable ends and terminals.

The strange problems you refer to it having previously were more than likely the warning signs. Usually it’s best to sort those warnings out before you end up having to call roadside assistance.

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And this is why this is the best forum. How much do you think this all runs for? I looked up pricing online, but I’m seeing bigger thresholds from dif. people.

A 1 yr warranty battery at Walmart could run as cheaply as $49. Other batteries with better warranties (WM, Costco, Sam’s, auto parts stores) could run much more ($78-120 or so, depending on seller location and discounts that you might apply). Get a charging system test done and then you will know what needs to be done next.

I found that a battery charger and volt meter paid for themselves many times over, when I had charging systems issues with my vehicles.

Alternator, etc could be expensive, but still cheaper than finding another car.

$49 Battery? Really? you might want to read this current thread before reading any decisions, I am looking around for my car, different cars require different batteries, but my low price for 800 cca is at $136.