Loosey goosey

i have a 96 ford e-350 7.3 turbo diesel, on the rear gearbox: when u take out drive shaft and check drive shaft that is sticking out of reargearbox is there supposed to be any play from that shaft stub? i can visualy see some play is this a motoring event ahead, or typical at 150,000 miles does it need that bearing relaced promptly?

IF I am reading this right you are asking if the tailshaft in a auto transmission should show some play by design, and the answer is yes.

You mention “rear gearbox” is there a “front gearbox”? You are not calling the differential a “rear gearbox” are you?

the “stub” that sticks out of the “rear axle” “forward” , has some play…sorry for bad description…

If I’m understanding your clarification to oldschool correctly you’re alluding to the rear axle pinion gear shaft and the play you’re describing is visable?

You should not have visable play, whether axial (in & out) or lateral (sideways). While all shafts need some freedom in order to operate properly, and that is specified as “play” and controlled by a design dimension, that shaft is controlling the interface between the pinion gear and the ring gear in your differential. If it’s too worn that interface will be incorrect and abnormal wear and ultimately rear end failure can result.

I’d want to check it out to see that it’s within specs. I’d also want to inspect the wear on the pinion and ring gears.

thank you, for the information, will follow up!!!