03 dodge caravan loose drive shaft

play in shaft coming out of transmission, very noticeable at very low speed, when shaft movement is slapping back and forward. Shaft play was confirmed by raising front of car and rotating either wheel back and forward. Slack easily seen. Not a problem at highway speeds. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, AND REPAIR PROCEDUTE?

RWD? Worn U-joints and/or differential.

I think we’re talking about one of the half-shafts between the transaxle and front wheel, yes? You need to find out if the play is in the CV joints (probably two per half-shaft) or in the transaxle itself (or possibly in the wheel hub, but that seems very unlikely.)

If it’s a CV joint, you should replace the half-shaft and that will get you new CV joints too (usually cheaper than buying the joints on their own.) If it’s the transaxle, well, that’s probably big money. If it’s the hub, that’s not too bad, but again, I have a hard time believing it’s that.