Loose steering of 2004 Escalade EXT

The U-Joint strap was off since I bought my truck in Jan. 2005) causing a vibration at speeds of 50 - 60 mph but was fixed last month. I’ve noticed the steering being more loose in the last 4 - 6 months but it’s not awful at low speeds. At higher speeds on the highway (60 - 65mph) the truck appears to “drift” with any unevenness in the pavement. It does preform better on smoother roads. I put new all weather Cooper tires in Dec.

Is there anything I should be checking related to the drive shaft and U-joint problem from the strap missing, an unrelated problem is the normal for a truck with 31,000 miles? Am I just imagining things?

Ever hit potholes hard or slid into a curb on ice with this vehicle? Alignment?

I doubt this is due to a worn suspension bushing or tierod. BUT, then again…

No potholes but our roads are far from great in AK. The truck doesn’t pull if I’m on a smooth road but will on bad roads. Thanks, this at least gives me a place to begin looking.

OOPS - no curb hitting either. I’m a slow driver in winter up here.