01 Ram 2500 Steering Problem


My husband bought this truck 8 months ago, now has 95K miles, was used as a “mudder” in it’s previous life. So, my problem is that when driving the steering is all over the road - the amount you turn the wheel doesn’t really seem to matter in terms of how the truck turns. And every so often, it’ll just sharply pull right (so sharply you change lanes). No warning, nothing. We’ve replaced the power steering box, lines and stablizer bar. My mechanic says nothing seems to be wearing and although he agrees that it drives sloppily, he says there’s nothing to fix. I think it’s going to cause an accident one of these days and hate driving it. Can anyone help? My husband loves this truck, so I’d really like to figure it out…


If your ball joints are ok, I suggest checking the u-joint on the steering shaft to the box. You can also post at dodgeforum.com.