Looking to replace my car


I drive an Integra.

Ideally, my next car has:

- 5 doors, a hatch is fine

- compact as possible for swift driving

- emergency 3rd row seat

- safe, does not easily overturn

- reliable

- gas saver

- some degree of luxury

Any recommendations?


You may like the Subaru Tribeca.


When we were looking to replace our 98 Windstar with a Toyota Sienna, I was trying to talk my wife out of another minivan. The RAV4 and the Highlander are both available with third row seating. The RAV4 with a 4cyl should have reasonable gas mileage. The Highlander can get luxurious, but I’m not sure about the mpg. The third row seating in both is very tight but may be okay for an emergency. She got the Sienna anyway.

Ed B.


Stop by the local bookstore and pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Preview. That’ll give you a survey view of evrything on the market that suits your needs and you can choose what you think you’d like and start test drives.



Thanks a bunch;

I knew Rav4, but until I hear it from you, the message wasn’t that strong in my mind.

Should I be concerned about overturning, being an SUV?

Are Mazda, reliable, dependable? They have a Mazda5, compact - I test drove it - it was sluggish than my 1999 Integra!


I was about to suggest the Mazda 5, but you think it’s sluggish? Did you drive the automatic or manual? It might be a little better with the manual. As for turnover risk with a Rav4, I don’t think it’s bad at all. The NHTSA does rollover and crash ratings and publish results here: http://www.safercar.gov/


If you are willing to accept a trunk lid for the fifth door, consider an Acura TSX.


A Mazdz 5 is a blast to drive and very affordable. It has more inerior room than an Intergra, and the hatchback design lets you carry your skis, etc inside. On the other hand, anything with lots of performance and a 3rd row seat is not going to be as economical as an Itegra. You can’t have it all until it comes as a hybrid.


Acura TSX

If you fold the rear seat, do you have a big opening to load stuff?

I guess if both the side doors open in the middle, like the Element, it would be easy to load and unload.